• We started out not long ago as a design consultancy

      providing our clients with great ideas and practical solutions.

      Five years and more than 400 hundred projects later,
      we have become so much more.

    • We are a catalyst
      for your organization

      We will provoke a reaction in your audience.

    • Gonzalo and his team collaborated with BTY Group to (re)launch our web site after many months of brainstorming and content gutting. In addition to his amazing reserve of patience, Gonzalo is relentless in his drive to take ideas in their infancy and turn them into full-blown strategies that foster user engagement and increase brand saliency. They are always approachable and go out of their way to help deliver successful projects involving multiple decision makers and tight deadlines. He and his team at Creative Engine are a pleasure to work with!

      Saira Muzaffar B.A.
      Marketing & Communications Manager

    • Creative Engine’s eye for design, ear for our needs and willingness to provide honest, constructive feedback has enabled us to develop our look and produce high quality materials for our citizens and stakeholders. It’s a great partnership that has produced great results.

      Blair Fryer
      Communications Manager, City of New Westminster

    • The first time that we worked with Creative Engine Communication Design our team had very strict deadlines to follow. Creative Engine spearheaded the entire project within the US, which included extensive graphic design, selecting stock photography, editing copy, setting deadlines, coordinating the various print shops, and managing our expectations. Throughout the process they were enlightening by taking time to explain our options and in keeping us from making some very bad decisions. Gonzalo and his team far exceeded our professional expectations: the designs are fabulous and everything was delivered on time. What more could we want?

      Mary Lynn Aschwanden
      CEO/Chief Visionary/Founding Member, www.GreenHomeFinder.com

    • To grow our business in the extremely competitive meetings and accommodation industry we needed a progressive website with superior design and functionality. From our very first meeting Creative Engine’s main focus was to learn about our business and goals, and understand the needs of our clients. Creative Engine’s designs were eye-catching and professional, and the production was seamless. We now have an engaging and persuasive website that is driving our online business, not to mention a great marketing partner in Creative Engine.

      Robert Wharton
      Assistant General Manager, UBC Conferences and Accommodation

    • Our experience with Creative Engine has been very positive and essential to the implementation of a very large undertaking for our staff. Creative Engine has helped us achieve a smooth implementation of our new program by clearly and concisely depicting our program in easy to read brochures, decals, and other promotional material all while maintaining our themes and style. Creative Engine was very responsive to our needs and met all our expectations providing us with ideas and solutions to help us reach our goals. All materials were produced in a timely manner with the highest level of quality and professionalism. We look forward to working with Creative Engine again!

      Kristian Davis
      Supervisor for the Solid Waste & Recycling Branch, City of New Westminster

    • Creative Engine provided invaluable service for the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association for a time-sensitive project from start to finish. Gonzalo and his team were able to take our ideas and contribute refined concepts to formulate and achieve our artistic goals. With minimal direction on our part, and some tough guidelines put forth, the design work produced suited the situation perfectly and incorporated every factor requested. The final products emphasized the content of our artwork and coordinated perfectly with all logos, colour schemes, and venue atmosphere. Working with Gonzalo’s team was absolutely made easy for us as the client. Their responses were immediate, they ensured all involved parties were pleased with the work, and made communication simple between us, our sponsors, and our suppliers. Our artwork for our project was completed and printed ahead of schedule. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gonzalo and Creative Engine to anyone looking for creative insight and professional products!

      Barbara Fairbrother
      Meeting/Event Planning Coordinator, Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA)

    • We are a differentiating agent
      for your organization

      We will make you stand out.

    • We are committed to
      providing clients with
      strategic solutions that:

      • Provoke a reaction
      • Build bridges
      • Deliver a competitive advantage
      • Strengthen customer relationships

      Our underlying objectives are to generate customer loyalty
      and intimacy. How?

    • We create
      human-to-human interfaces

      Not interactions between people and computer screens, or people and paper. There is a difference.

      We make technology or medium seem invisible by employing it to focus on human needs.

    • We are large enough
      to handle any project

      We will invest as much effort as you do
      in the attainment of your goals.

    • Thank you for trusting us
      as your solution

      • AirG
      • Ostara Nutrient Recovery
      • BTY Group
      • Oyama Sausage
      • City of New Westminster
      • BC Ministry of Labour
      • Vancouver Police
      • New Westminster Police
      • University of British Columbia
      • University of British Columbia Okanagan
      • WorkBC
      • Betty Hemmings Leathergoods
      • Uptown Property Group
      • Grupo Bachoco
      • Water Capital
      • Nuu Power
      • Thank you for trusting us
        as your solution

        • Ski Racing Canada Magazine
        • Westpoint Sales
        • The Cone Zone
        • Iris Public Relations
        • Canadian Culinary Federation
        • Espacio Comun Architects
        • Delta School District
        • Downtown Vancouver
          Improvement Association
        • Aquavive
        • Pacific Adventure Learning
        • Upperhand Club
        • iCinemas
        • Green Home Finder
        • Five Sails Restaurant
        • O3XY
        • and many more!
        • We are small enough
          to be nimble and empathic

          We will adapt to your needs, as it should be.

        • Our Process

          Our clients know their business better than anyone else. That is why our approach to design is fundamentally collaborative. We take great care to understand our clients' businesses and needs, but more importantly we simply listen to what they have to say.

          Our process can be summarized in 5 steps:

          We listen. We propose. We collaborate. We produce. We ask.

        • We listen

          Through our initial meetings with clients we establish communication objectives, budget parameters, and define a work schedule. This information helps to formulate a branding strategy and production plan. Our strategy ensures that our clients’ intended message is communicated to their target audience, while our production plan produces a smooth and well-managed project with no surprises along the way.

        • We propose

          After our initial meetings we present the first round of potential designs, with at least two or three options to choose from. In the rare circumstance that a client feels that none of the design options embody their vision or objectives, we work tirelessly to create a design that does.

        • We collaborate

          Once the design has been chosen, we work closely with the client to ensure their objectives and values are embodied in the final product. For this highly collaborative stage, we use an interactive website which allows clients to track the progress of the project and contribute comments, files, and other material in a timely and constructive manner. Our main objectives are to make collaboration with our clients easy and above all, make sure we are not wasting our clients' time.

        • We produce

          Once all design and production stages of the project are complete, we prepare for the print or online environment. We assist with all aspects of final production. Coupled with our attention to detail, this guarantees a smooth and efficient production process, a final product of the highest standard, and a result that meets all of our clients’ goals and expectations.

        • We ask

          We believe effective brand communication opens a dialogue, not just makes a statement. Therefore we ask our clients the same essential question:

          How did we help you achieve your goals? – at two key stages:

          At the end of the project to make sure whether our clients feel appropriately represented and proud of how their brand is represented, and again after several months to assess the impact of the material produced on their business. The answers to this question help both us and our clients improve our processes in the future.

        • We are ready
          Our team is excited to
          step in and help you
          take control of your brand.

          Contact us. You won't regret it.

          T 604-739-1915

          E info@creative-engine.ca